Lamb Sales

Lambs are offered for sale for meat, as show lambs or breeding prospects.  

Meat Lambs

At Homestead Farm we strive to raise the best, leanest, and healthiest lamb.  Our pastures are fertilized with organic products. Our feed is purchased locally and we are certified Grass-Fed. We feed no grain products. We use no hormones, antibiotics, or non-organic wormer. In other words, we are as close to certified organic as economically feasible.

Katahdin lamb meat tends to be naturally lean and has a milder taste.

Homestead Farm offers butchering services options. This includes:

Availability of meat lambs is limited, based on the size of the lamb crop.

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Show Lambs & Breeding Prospects

Some of the more exceptional registered Katahdin lambs may be set aside as show lamb prospects or future breeding stock.

Homestead Farm Katahdin show lambs are prized for their long, sturdy body conformation, nice heads, and unique hair coats that sometimes display non-white color.


Lamb Cuts